The Sands of Argo

The Hideout
  • Found a way into Lothan’s Hideout
  • Discovered Lothan’s plan for the town of Rhosgate
  • Learned about Green Malcocite
Shadows in the Night


  • Fought of shadow creatures in sleep
  • Learned that assassination attempt on High Councilor Ja’sellen failed
  • Learned that all the guards and prisoners on the skycrane dock had died mysteriously in their sleep
  • Gunther told them that the hideout was under Councilor Blevins manor.
  • He led them through the sewers past several traps.
Dropped Into the Fray

The group arrived in Foranund on a prison wagon. The wagon took on another prisoner, a Dragonborn named Drex who seemed to recognize Gerik. Everyone in the group fell unconscious and had a strange dream about a dwarf in the Palus mines who used threw shavings of green malcocite into a fire and was teleported somehow and died. When they awoke, they all found that they had a note in their hands:

You may believe the reasons you’re here on this prison wagon are your own, but the truth is you have been placed here for a specific purpose.
One of the prisoners on this wagon is planning to assassinate the High Councilor of Gildar. He carries with him a pouch of dust that has powerful properties. Regardless of your politics or what happens to the High Councilor, he must not be allowed to use what he carries in this pouch. If he does, the world as we know it will come to an end.

When the wagon reached the Polidrome, the Dragonborn used something in a pouch he was carrying to cause all the wood and metal in the area to stop interacting with the people and stone. The wooden wagon fell through the floor of the Polidrome and all of the groups shackles and any weaponry all fell through the floor as well.

The group was lead by Ivy Grubb out of the Polidrome and they learned that Drex was actually a Doppelganger working for the Gildari Supremacy. Ivy claims to be a member of the true Free Andilor Rebels. She took them to a hideout in Morty’s Mortuary where she asked for their help to stop a GS agent named Lothan who is planning an attack on the town of Rhosgate.

Dorian Moriarty, another member of Ivy’s group, believes that his friend Trevor Hardwick at the Mages College may know something more about the powder that Drex used in the Polidrome.

Ivy told the group that she had tracked down a man named Gunther Drakesbane who was associated with Lothan. He was working as a bouncer at the Salacious Slaad. The group met up with him and he tried to attack them. They subdued him and got him to admit that he worked for Lothan. He agreed to lead them to Lothan’s secret hideout in the sewers if they protect him from Lothan.

We met to intro the world and our characters

Armarir – A tiefling sorcerer.

Baras – An elf monk who has been living as a hermit in the northern islands.

Bartholomew Treadwell – A human fighter and former itinerant Executor of the Gildari government.

Gerik – A half-orc rogue.

Tar aza Khrall – Dragonborn fighter

Yeva – A tiefling bard. Orphaned and raised in a traveling circus.


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