Bartholomew Treadwell

Human Fighter


“One-Eye Bart / Dead-Eye Bart / Ol’ Spooky Eye”

Bart’s primary attribute scores are STR, CON, and WIS. He has a moderate score in CHA, and low DEX/INT.


Bartholomew “One-Eye Bart / Dead-Eye Bart / Ol’ Spooky Eye” Treadwell

Bart is a LG male human fighter, age 59. He has made a life for himself as a law-man in the wild and sparsely populated settlements and villages of remote Gildar. Having often found himself as the only one for miles with both the moral vision and the necessary muscle to enforce that vision, he is used to playing the part of bounty hunter, sheriff, judge, and when-called upon to do so, executioner.

Despite his age, Bart is quite strong, possessing what is colloquially known as “old man strength.” He is tough, stout, and has been jokingly referred to by his friends and enemies alike as “trunk-like.” Years of hunting renegades, horse-thieves, and all-manner of social misfits have taught Bart the value of a sharp wit and keen senses; he is observant and good at reading rooms, people, and tracks (less good at reading books). He knows how to be intimidating when need be, which does not in the least diminish his capacity for gentlemanly behavior when called upon. Never blessed with much in the way of school-smarts to begin with, the years have taken their toll on Bart’s intellect.

Bart stands just a bit under 6 feet tall, and perhaps 200 lbs heavy. He favors sturdy brown boots, well-made trousers and shirt, with a light-weight dust cloak, and an over-sized greatsword strapped to his back. His lucky golden-yellow wide-brimmed hat sits atop his head, and a simple leather eye-patch over his left eye rounds out the ensemble.

Bart is single and childless, although he was known as quite the charmer in his younger days. He tends to keep to himself while in town, but takes genuine joy in making his world a safer place for others. He is motivated by a sense of law that keeps people safe at night and free to live how they want. He is quick to offer a helping hand, and tries not to take life, or himself, too seriously.

Bart finds himself a captive on a horse cart within the city limits of Foranund, after having dropped a pompous Gildari nobleman cold for insulting some of the women-folk in his town. Probably not the brightest move in the world, but Bart still feels good about it. During his ride as a prisoner, he’s had lots of time to think about the relative morality of the Gildari government and his role in helping propagate that rule…

Bartholomew Treadwell

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