Tiefling Bard


Yeva is a CG Tiefling Bard. Found outside, abandoned and left for dead as an infant in Farshore, a traveling story teller (Yurick) happened upon her and decided to raise her. The circus he worked in took Yeva in and loved her as one of their own, despite her jarring looks. Her red skin, white eyes, and silvery-white hair proved to be an entrancing element while performing with her fellow troupe members. While she enjoyed getting the crowd excited with her wild charisma, she was more interested in performing as an aerialist with Alistair’s Amazing Aerialists. As she matured, she realized that the man who had once run the circus was now only a figurehead, while a few members of her adopted family were beginning to exploit and warp the circus into a way to run a shady business with unsavory dealings at every opportunity. She realized it was time leave the safety of the familiar and strike out on her own, since she was clearly a strong entertainer and could easily draw in and hold the attention of an audience.

While performing, she wears white tights and a white shirt, as to not let her red skin blend in with the color of the red big top tent. And when she is entertaining on the tent floor, she dons a gold accented black leather jacket, complete with tails!

Yeva is most skilled in charisma, no shocker there. She is moderate in dex, intelligence, and cons, and could stand to see some improvement on strength and wisdom. She has an entertainers background, and she likes defusing tension with a good story and a little joke.



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