Gildar has a history stretching back even before The Bittering. When the humans and elves finally set aside their differences and formed an alliance in 312bb, the nation of Gildar was born.

Significant Locations

  • Foranund – the largest city in Gildar and the seat of power
  • Farshore – human city on the eastern shore of Gildar.
  • Dustvale – city in the middle of the white sand wastes. Mining town

Politics, Economy, & Relations

A council that is elected by the regional nobility. Nobility is bestowed by the council, not passed down by bloodline. The high councilor is chosen by the council for a term of 3 years.

Population & Culture

Gildar is mainly populated by humans, elves, dwarves, and half elves. Other races are generally looked down on by these and before the Andilorean Revolt, the other races were kept as slaves or sent to the Palus Mines in the northern swamps.



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